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WebSite Guidelines

Upland Unified School District


These guidelines apply to all District web sites that are posted on the Internet or on the UUSD computer network. District web sites include the official District and school web sites as well as the web sites of any District-related organization or activity. District-related organizations include: student groups, ASB's, booster clubs, Parent Teacher Associations, and individual classrooms. Student-created web pages must also follow these guidelines if they are intended for posting on a District web site.


The creation of District and school web sites is encouraged as a means of communication with students, parents/guardians, staff, community members and the public at-large. The content of web pages representing the District must be for informational and educational uses. Course descriptions, parent-student handbooks, educational links, academic awards, calendars of events, student work, school schedules, assignments, reference guides and remote instructions are examples of appropriate content for District web pages..

Content Guidelines

Web sites shall support the educational vision of the District and be consistent with Board goals related to communication and media relations. Web sites shall be consistent with the educational aims of the Board of Education, the letter and spirit of the Board's policies, the Education Code of the State of California, and international, federal and state laws.

  1. The content of school and District web pages must be related to curriculum and instruction, school-authorized activities, or information about the District or its mission. External sites linked from District web sites must be appropriate for student use.
  2. Web pages shall not include nor link to content that is obscene, libelous or slanderous, promotes illegal activities, threatens the safety of others, or creates a clear and present danger of inciting students or others to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules or disrupt the school's orderly operation. The final determination of what is objectionable rests with the UUSD administration.
  3. Web pages may not contain or link to chat rooms, message boards, guests books or instant messaging services.
  4. District and District-related sites shall not be used for commercial purposes including offering to sell or purchase products or services. Links to commercial sites for the sole purpose of advertising or sales are not appropriate. However, information related to fund-raising activities by the District, school or school-related organizations is appropriate.
  5. Advertisements for commercial businesses are not permitted. Commercial product reviews, hyperlinks to download freeware or trial versions of shareware software for evaluation purposes, or hyperlinks to commercial sites having educational value are permissible. Logos and/or names of businesses that have sponsored a District- or school-sponsored activity are appropriate if they follow Board policy and have the approval of the superintendent or designee.
  6. Web pages must comply with all state, federal and international laws concerning copyright, intellectual property and use of telecommunications.
  7. All District web sites must include a contact e-mail address for the staff member responsible for that site.

Privacy Guidelines

  1. The content of District web sites shall not violate the privacy rights of students, parents/guardians, staff, board members and other individuals. District web sites shall not include home phone numbers, addresses, or e-mail addresses of students and their parents/guardians. District web sites shall not post the home address or telephone number of any person without prior written permission of that individual.
  2. Staff members' names, work phone numbers, and District e-mail addresses are public information and may be published on school or District web pages. Permission shall be obtained before publishing photos of District employees.
  3. Photos of individual students or groups of students in which individuals are easily identifiable shall not be published without the signed consent of both the student and parent/guardian. Photos of groups of students in which no individuals are easily identifiable may be published without student or parent/guardian consent.
  4. Student work may appear on web pages only with written permission from both the student and parent/guardian.
  5. A student's full name shall not be used on any page without the signed consent of both the student and parent/guardian; however, students may be identified by first name only or first name and last initial without permission.
  6. Student names shall not be used in the name for files or images (e.g.janedoe.htm, johndoe.jpg) or in any part of the page source (i.e. HTML, JavaScript, etc.) of District web pages.
  7. Parents/guardians may request in writing that directory-type information about their child not be included on District web sites. Directory information includes information such as name and grade posted on lists such as honor roll, sports rosters, band members, etc.


The superintendent will designate District staff responsible for maintaining the official District web site and monitoring all District web activity. School principals or designees will designate District staff responsible for maintaining the official school web sites. It is the responsibility of the administration and these webmasters to ensure that the contents of all web pages are in compliance with all District guidelines before posting on any District or school web site.

With the permission of the administration, a staff member may create a web site for posting on the District or school web site if the content is in compliance will all District guidelines. As part of a class activity, students may create web pages to be posted on a District web site. The content of any student-created web page must relate to the educational objectives of the activity assigned by the teacher, be consistent with all District guidelines, and be approved in writing by the teacher and the administrator. The teacher shall keep a hard copy of all approved student web pages. It will not be a violation of a student's right of free speech to require removal of material that fails to meet established educational objectives or that is in violation of a provision of the District guidelines and school regulations. Student web pages must include the following notice: This is a student web page. Opinions expressed on this page shall not be attributed to the Upland Unified School District. The District reserves the right to remove any student web pages from a District web site at any time.

Although any person may develop a web site for a District-related organization or activity, he or she should do so in a manner consistent with all District guidelines. Though not considered official District web sites, these sites should strive to reflect well upon the District and the school. When approved by the administration, school or District web pages may link to these sites.

Only designated District webmasters are allowed to upload files to District web sites and use the District provided webmaster e-mail addresses. All web pages must reside on the District web server under the District's domain ( unless authorized by the superintendent or designee.