Pipe Band

The Clan:
MacDonald, McDonald, Donald Clan in Scotland: Clan Donald is among the oldest of the Scottish Highland Clans; their linage extends beyond 6th Century AD.

Somerland, the Lord of the Isles, was a half Gaelic, half Norse Scottish king who was a powerful ruler of the Western Isles in the 13th Century, from which the Clan of MacDonald was born.

The Tartan:
The Tartan worn by The Upland Highland Regiment, with permission granted by the Clan Chieftain in 1977, is the Tartan of MacDonald Lord of The Isles. The Tartan differs from the original Tartan that included the orange, red and black colors of the other two high schools in the Chaffey School District. The current Tartan has become the design used by The Upland Highland Regiment for kilts, sashes and an array of clothing items worn today. (1977 was also the year that our first pipe band was formed.)

The Coat of Arms:
PER-MARE-PER-TERRAS (BY-SEA-BY-LAND) In 1997 The Upland Highland Regiment Boosters wanted a symbol that would represent the proud tradition and dedication associated with being a Regiment member. It was decided by The Upland Highland Regiment Boosters to use the Coat of Arms of the MacDonald Clan. To add color to the Coat of Arms, the Tartan was included in the background. The Booster Board sent a letter of request asking the Clan to allow the use of their Coat of Arms and Tartan in this manner. Permission was granted by the Clan Chieftain.


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The instrumental music program at Upland High School offers a variety of opportunities for students to participate in music education and performance on an individual, small-group, and large-group basis. Our nationally-recognized young musicians balance a strong sense of family and community with dedication to the goals of the program.

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