Field Show 101... A guide for families and other fans



The Regiment has an enduring tradition of strong family support at our field show competitions. We thought we would provide a short primer on how to get the most out of a field show and provide tips on general field show etiquette.  

  • Arrive early and enjoy other bands. The largest bands compete in our division and usually perform during the later times of each show. Check the calendar or call sheets available on our website. Allow time for parking. Sometimes more parking becomes available as earlier divisions leave the venue.
  • Show your school spirit... wear Spirit Wear, show T-shirts, and school colors; green, black, and white. Spirit wear is available Tuesday nights after practice by the band room or see our Spirit Wear page on the  web site to place an order. When you arrive, look for other UHS parents.  It’s fun to sit together.
  • Keep it positive... It’s right to be proud of the excellent work of our Regiment.  Please –cheer robustly, wave pom-poms, banners, etc. prior to and just after the performance.  Also, cheer for other schools.  They too have worked hard and merit our respect.
  • Keep it quiet... Unlike at football games, the WBA and BOA rules encourage silence from the crowd during all performances.  You will find spectators are allowed to enter the stadium only between performances.  You reflect well on the Regiment when you honor this expectation.
  • Be the example... to our students.  In graciously accepting the scores good or bad, you provide a great model for our students of how to handle both good and disappointing news.  The judges are well qualified and follow specific guidelines for scoring.  Also, please respect rules pertaining to video recording. For more information on these topics see the Western Band Association (WBA) Handbook and the Bands of America (BOA) Handbook.
  • Be helpful... The call sheets outline the expected times of leaving and returning to UHS.  Please be patient and offer to assist those loading and unloading before leaving the High School.
  • Thanks for your support and enjoy a great season!

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