All Hands on Deck!

Please help! (This means EVERYONE, not just Jazz families, but all families in the Upland High School Music and Guard programs..)
The Western Jazz festival is quickly approaching. It will be held on both Friday and Saturday, Feb 24th and 25th. Both student and adult volunteers are desperately needed for both days.  If you are a Freshman parent, or a parent who hasn't had a chance to volunteer this year, this would be a great time to come and help support.  Proceeds from the Jazz Festival benefit the entire music program at Upland High School.  If your student is not in jazz, it is terrific!  You can come and help relieve a volunteer jazz parent who may need to step away to watch his/her student during the festival!  We need everyone!  Many volunteers work both days!  The event days are long. If everyone would take a shift or two, it would make it so much more manageable. Please consider volunteering for a morning, afternoon or evening shift. 
Some of the areas that need help are :  set up, check in table, ticket sales, concession stands, parking attendants, chaperones for practice rooms, organization of the Judge's Hospitality Suite, and clean up. If you are interested in any of the above areas of help, please contact Cheryl Winslow here and let her know if you are available.
As always, I appreciate your time!  I'm looking forward to seeing you.  (It really is fun!  Come and meet some new people and earn some money for our program!)
Thank you,
Amy Flammang
Last Updated on Sunday, 05 February 2017 11:53